Share your smile

A huge thank you to our wonderful family who took the time to take part in our share your smile week. We are sire your beautiful smiles made everyone who saw them radiate their own smile too.   #shareyoursmile #mitoaware #LeighNetwork #mitowarrior

Share your smile – Susan’s smile

Today we meet Susan an adult living with mitochondrial disease 💚Here are some things which make me smile… daughter Emily, movie nights, spending time with family and friends, being outside in the sun, laying on a beach listening to the sound of the waves and doing fun exhilarating things like the zip wire at the…

Share your Smile – Abel’s Smile

Today we meet Abel, who has Mito. Swimming makes Abel smile. Abels parents run the Abel Foundation Abel definitely loves the water, going in the pool gives him freedom to move and helps relax him 🥰🤩 It’s great we can go on this journey together…..☺   #mito #shareyoursmile #mitoaware #leighnetwork

Share your smile – James’s Smile

This is James who has Leigh’s   Here are some photos of James and what makes him smile – Douglas, Star Wars and food 😂😂   #mitowarrior #shareyoursmile #mitoaware #leighnetwork

Share your smile – Katie’s smile

Today meet Katie. She has Leigh’s Katie is now 19yrs old and will have a go at anything! Nothing scares her and has done abseiling indoor wall climbing death swing(!) and has even water skied !! She never lets anything get her down ! She loved her brother Dan who we sadly lost 7yrs ago…

Share your Smile

We at Leigh Network are always humbled by how, despite the struggles our familiies face – from being heard and treated with respect, to Hospital stays and coping with what life and mito throws at them, our brave mito families still smile, proving what tough, inspiring warriors we truly are. We thought we’d start Share…

Take a Chance Challenge final

As the take a chance challenge comes to a close, I’d like to reflect… when I began doing the fitness and fun video classes alongside the neuromuscular centre ones, it was exhausting! My muscles ached and I wondered if I could do this for the next 6 weeks. But I carried on. I have noticed…

Faye and Mandy’s radio interview

Throughout the whole of March Leigh Network and our supporters have been taking part of the take a chance challenge, Check out Faye and Mandy’s radio interview on BBC Radio Merseyside from yesterday if you missed it. Its around 1 hour 40 minutes in to the show 💚