When we were at the Newcastle patient information day, we listened to Dr Albert Lim and Professor Bobby McFarland discussing their Leigh Syndrome research project which began by looking into how the disease affects children and progresses in its younger sufferers.Over the last few years Leigh Network have been contributing to the project and were so inspired to hear how this will be expanded into affected adults. We have therefore made a further donation to this new research.This exciting study feeds into a much larger Leigh Syndrome International Consortium https://leighsyndrome.org/ that unites international mito charities, academics and clinicians with a common goal to expedite treatments for Leigh Syndrome. The consortium have collectively pledged over $1m for Leigh Syndrome research and following on from the pilot study in Newcastle, they have now initiated a global natural history study (looking at how the disease progresses over time) with sites in the UK, USA, Italy and Australia.Leigh Network and the Lily Foundation are both very proud to contribute to such valuable research.#MitochondrialDisease #Mito #LeighSyndrome #Mito #ResearchIsVital #FindACure #StrongerTogether #MitoCommunity