We had a great weekend in Blackpool Friday 26th – Monday 29th April with the amazing Leigh Network Mito families. We had a fantastic afternoon tea in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom whilst watching the dancers. A lovely brisk walk along the prom. We were entertained in the hotel by the cabaret every night. The company was top notch.

We also remembered the angels lost to Mito, never forgotten, always loved ❤️

Meeting face to face and learning from people is always phenomenal. When everyone gets something from the meet ups it makes it all worthwhile! We appreciated people coming from so far away. 😊❤️💚

We chose The Bond Hotel for its fantastic accessibility and entertainment and the staff were all super helpful ❤️

Leigh Network was able to organise this wonderful weekend through lots of different fundraising events, thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way ❤️ If you would like to do some fundraising to help us run more events like this to bring Mito families together for a wonderful time, then please get in touch 🙌🏻💚🦋

See everyone enjoying themselves by clicking the link to our video Blackpool Highlights

Video: the video shows images from throughout the weekend, it starts with a picture of the famous Blackpool Tower, then lots of pictures of happy smiling faces at the hotel, people sat together enjoying food and drinks, photos outside on the prom with blue skies, everyone enjoying afternoon tea at the tower ballroom, beautiful dancers in the back ground, everyone dressed in 80’s gear for the 80’s night.

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