Meet the team!

We have a dedicated team working to help us achieve our mission and support our Leigh Network families. This currently includes:

Faye Wylie


Hello! welcome to Leigh Network. My name is Faye. I founded the charity aged 20 in 2010. I absolutely love overseeing all the developments and how we as a charity have grown over the years. One of the highlights for me is seeing the children’s smiles as they interact, making friends at our annual family days. My favourite part is definitely supporting our brave mito families. I am always so amazed by their individual and collective strength. This is what gives me the energy to keep fighting my own mitochondrial battles and raise awareness of this devastating illness.

Thanks for popping by our website. We hope you enjoy learning all about us and the fabulous families we support. We hope you feel encouraged to support us.

Mandy Wylie


I have been with Leigh Network from the very start and watched it flourish from the first meeting with families to now raising funds for vital research into this devastating disease. My role in Leigh Network is to emotionally support families. And to help with the running of Leigh Network. I enjoy being a part of a family who are all going through similar situations.

Sophie Thompson


Having known and worked with Faye for years and seeing her passion and drive to support families in a similar position to her own, I was delighted to formally join Leigh Network in 2019. Together, we have achieved registered charity status and expanded Faye’s reach on social media around the world. I can’t wait to see what this inspirational woman does next- and Mito Families will be at the heart of it as Faye is extremely dedicated to Leigh Network.

Sarah Bradshaw


I met Faye through a mutual interest in poetry. As soon as Faye told me about the work she had been doing with Leigh Network I wanted to be involved in some way. It’s been brilliant to be a volunteer and to be able to help out with some of the fundraising activities and be on the journey with the team to support the fantastic work that Leigh Network does.


Erin Wilkinson


I met Faye through our other Leigh Network trustee, Sarah. Over the years, I have teamed up with Sarah to support Leigh Network through some fabulous fundraising ideas and felt honoured to be asked to become a trustee for this amazing charity. I have learned so much along the way about mitochondrial disease and how it affects those families whose lives are forever changed by it. I very much look forward to raising awareness and funds for Leigh Network and supporting all those involved in any way that I can.

We also have a fabulous host of volunteers who assist with our awareness events and fundraisers

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