We at Leigh Network are always humbled by how, despite the struggles our familiies face – from being heard and treated with respect, to Hospital stays and coping with what life and mito throws at them, our brave mito families still smile, proving what tough, inspiring warriors we truly are. We thought we’d start

Share your Smile with Leigh Network founder, Faye. Some things that make me smile are: supporting our wonderful families and hearing how everyone is doing. Our regular monthly zooms have been a great way to catch up.

I can’t wait to see you all in person! Another thing that makes me smile are my dogs, they are so cuddly and have such different personalities and know how to make me laugh!

I love cycling too, feeling the wind in my face as I speed round on the adapted bike is simply exhilarating!’

The moments that make us smile and laugh are often the simplest things. We hope you enjoy our Leigh Network share your smile. If you and your mito warrior want to get involved, please message the page.


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