Lead by Bryn, focussing on self-management.  

After  a brief recap of the previous sessions, the first half focused on goal-setting and how having an aim to work towards is a great motivation.  

Self management of physical activity recommendations  





Setting goals 


See where you are 


Tracking / monitor 

Be specific – if you are clear on your goal you  can be clear on how to reach it  

Measurable  – see if you are getting closer to achieving your goal 

Challenge yourself 

And be realistic 

Set a beginning and end date 


Personally, I do find that having goals, big or small, has helped me get through almost an entire year of shielding. Having that aim to work towards can be so motivational, as it gives you a purpose to reach, a reason to get up in the morning.  

Bryn asked us to think of a goal personal to us.  

As those of you who follow the Leigh Network on social media will know, we have just launched the Take a Chance for Leigh Network Challenge. The idea is to encourage lots of you to make a positive change in your life for our mito warriors. You could give up a negative influence in your life, such as alcohol, cigarettes or biscuits, and donate what you would’ve spent on it to our charity, so that we can continue supporting  families affected by mito and the research project at the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research in Newcastle.  

For my own challenge, I will  take on fitness with the intention of doing various Zoom exercise classes that are suitable for all abilities. The goal was inspired by this course.  

Bryn spoke of the  importance of having a plan and a time frame.  

Our Take a chance for Leigh Network challenge is great, as you can Join in from now up until 1 April. We just ask you to share your journey on our  Facebook event page https://www.facebook.com/203975279619098/posts/4401568439859740/?sfnsn=scwspmo

or email us.  


I’ll keep you updated on our progress in a separate blog post.  

 The second half focussed on mental health.  

When we have a goal to achieve, having support of others, be it family, friends, social media encouragement is vital to helping us stay committed to achieving our goal.  

On the Take a Chance Challenge, we have asked  people  to take on their own challenges and are   

thrilled  that some of you have already signed up!  

Bryn highlighted how the only way to get  help if you are struggling, is to ask.  

Mindfulness –be aware of the present  focus on your surroundings, accept your feelings 


Bryn shared how mindfulness meditation can help. Mindfulness is about being in the present, being aware of your senses.  

For example:  

If, on your daily exercise, you go to a park, take a moment, look around you.  Breathe in.  See the colours. Do these change with the time of day? What animals do you hear?  Can you scrunch leaves in your palm? Are there any scents around?  

Technically this can be done at any time, even when making a cup of tea. It’s about focussing the mind on what’s around you. 

This particular session cane at the right time, what with Leigh Network launching our new event.