All this week we were posting all over our social media accounts to raise awareness of mitochondrial disease. Visit our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts to see all the posts and find out more.

Image of Clare in the centre surrounded by green and purple circles. In the circles the text reads, getting involved with mito charities, making awareness of mito, deafness, the use of hearing aids and fatigueImage of Katie surrounded by purple and green circles. In the circles the text reads, Making friends with other mito families, stiffness, mobility, better access and better understanding.


We were so grateful to some of our Leigh Network family for sharing their thoughts about what mito means to them.



During the week we shared some facts and figures, and we were invited to take over the Twitter account of The Wellcome Centre in Newcastle alongside other charities that work around the world in the fight against mitochondrial disease which was great fun! It was fantastic to see so many organisations raising awareness across the world.


Mito Flash Fact: Mitochondrial Disease is often shortened to: Mito

Mito Flash Fact: Mitochondrial Disease: One size does not fit all.

Mito Flash Fact: Mitochondria are often called the powerhouse of the cell, because, like a battery, mitochondria fuels the body’s energy.

Mitochondrial Dysfunction matters for hundreds of other disease










On Saturday 24th September buildings in countries across all continents were lit up in green to show support for those whose lives are affected by mitochondrial disease.

Light Up For Mito Images of landmarks and buildings lit up in green.