Katie Maj, who herself has mitochondrial disease, causing dystonia, mobility and balance issues, among other things, has just had her milestone birthday of 21 so decided to celebrate by taking on a mammoth challenge of exercise.

Throughout the whole of October Katie has been pushing herself to her limits, swimming, trampolining, cycling, boxing, stretching, walking and more.  Katie has been part of leigh Network for over 10 years, she performed with her gymnastics troop at our Family Fun Day in 2012, has attended many of the mito family days and has always shown us support, so now please let’s show Katie some of that support back and encourage her by donating! Please click here

Katie has now completed her challenge and was able to raise over £1000, AMAZING! We can’t thank Katie enough for doing this and all those that sponsored her!

Katie wearing a pink coat and helmet using her adapted cycle, behind Katie is a yellow car and some green bushes.



Katie sat in her wheelchair wearing a pink coat, smiling, Katie has white boxing gloves on and is punching pads held by a man wearing a cap. Katie is in a gym with a boxing ring in the background and a black and pink floor.