This week it’s good care week.

We asked our families what impact their carer/PA has on
their life and Laura has shared hers:

Hi my name is Laura I am 36 and have a rare condition called mitochondrial disease RRM2B.


Laure and her Carer/PA

It effects my muscle’s, respitory system, hearing and swallowing, and I suffer with fatigue. I have a PA (carer) called Rachael who comes for 5
hours a week the rest of the time it’s my mum. Rachael gives me confidence to do things. We play on the switch console where she helps me to do exercises with ring fit and makes it fun to keep me motivated.

We have girly days where we watch movies and paint our nails and shop online etc. I can talk to Rachael about problems and every day
things as Rachael is more or less the same age as myself. She has a good impact on my life as she is not just my PA (carer) but has become a friend. I struggle with independence due to my mobility and deafness but I always look forward to Rachael coming and enjoy her company.


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