What a year it has been! 

There have been ups and downs, lots of happy and sad times and most definitely memories made!

We have had so many brilliant zoom calls where we have caught up with friends old and new!

We have supported each other through the 3rd lockdown due to covid.

We have raised awareness for many causes. At the start of the year we assisted a student doctor who has an interest in mitochondrial disease.
Specifically Leighs, who took part in Find a Cure student voice prize.


We presented Newcastle mitochondrial research team with a cheque for over £2000 to go towards research.
Took part in the brain charity seeing sound project
Launched the “Take a Chance Challenge” for Leigh Network which many of you supported and took part in
from giving up something you like, to running challenges and roller skate rides!


A special thanks to Isaac, Sarah and Erin who took on their own challenges!


We had so much fun with this and are so grateful for the support.
We lit up green for Mito.
Our founder Faye took part in a 5k for Mito challenge and smashed it!
We sent out butterfly boxes to our lovely Leigh Network families as we couldn’t have our annual get together.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without the support of our fantastic supporters!


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your year round support and involvement, it means so much to us.