At the end of every year, we like to do a little yearly round up of our events and achievements, and this year is no different…

2020 sure has been a strange year – we’ve all had to adjust, make sacrifices and learn to live through a global pandemic.

We had so much planned for this year from a bingo night, our annual race night and other marvellous fundraising events, to our Leigh Network mito family day, all of which had to be cancelled when lockdown hit.
The only trip we were able to make was to Newcastle R.V.I hospital, where we were able to present the mitochondrial research team with a cheque for £2000, which went towards their leigh syndrome research project.
As the first national lockdown became reality, we at Leigh Network kept people’s spirits up with both the lockdown diaries feature on Tumblr,  and our weekly words of advice and encouragement. Perhaps our biggest event of the year, was the pedal dash challenge that Leigh Network founder Faye, who has mito, took on in April and May and raised a fantastic amount!​

As lockdown progressed, the loneliness of social isolation was really felt. As we couldn’t meet in person, we organised a monthly zoom call with our families, which we hope to carry on into 2021. These have been a lifeline for families who have been able to catch up with friends old and new, sharing updates, their mito journey, whilst offering comfort and hope in a difficult year.
August and September brought our amazing virtual art exhibition: Inspiration in Isolation. This joyful display of artwork was created by our leigh network mito warriors and angel families. We hope you were as motivated by their experiences as we were. The strength of our mito families is what gives us the energy to keep going. Which you can view here

We had the privilege of being invited to join the International mitochondrial doctors conference, who are researching better treatments for leigh syndrome patients. Originally, it should have taken place in Amsterdam, but due to covid, the conference moved to zoom in October. It was brilliant to hear how passionate and enthusiastic all of the medical professionals are. It fills me with hope for the future for of mitochondrial medicine
In November, we were delighted to launch this awesome new website, which the team has been working super hard to put together all year! Please share with your friends.

With Christmas approaching, a few of you very kindly bought our gorgeous handmade Christmas cards, while others generously donated instead of sending Christmas cards.
So despite living through a global pandemic, spending much of the year indoors, away from family and friends, we have definitely kept busy!!!

As we look ahead to 2021, we can’t wait to see you all again and get back out spreading awareness.

To help us continue supporting our mito families, please donate here

A huge thank you to everybody who has supporters us this year ! We couldn’t do it without you!