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Around the world mitochondrial disease research is taking place. We’ve been honoured to take part in Leigh syndrome discussions with doctors and mito professionals from around the globe. It was truly inspiring to hear their passion and energy about Mito and their patients. Leigh network is proud to support the Newcastle welcome trust Leigh syndrome…

The Mito Cocktail

This is the medication I take everyday, 20 of these tablets are taken in the morning and I tend to choke on them with juice so I have them now with a thickened drink. The mito cocktail is a cocktail is a mixture of vitamins, pain relief medication and any symptom management. It is tailored…

Mitochondrial disease does not discriminate


Celebrating Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week 19th-26th September

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Faye’s 5k!

IMG_0629 I did it! 🤩 I who have mitochondrial disease, encompassing: fatigue, muscle weakness, dystonia, aphasia, blindness and no treatments, completed a 5k bike ride! 🚴 I never thought achieving something like this would be possible but with the support of wheels for all, it was. On about lap 8, my muscles were starting to…

Birkenhead News Article

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